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Bio Green Calgel 1 Litre

SKU: BioGreenCalgel1litre



Calgel 1L is a high-quality plant fertiliser from Bio Green and its high class is significantly obvious from first usage; Calgel contains all the macro and micro nutrients required for growth and bloom in any medium. Calgel helps to improve nutrient absorption through their roots.

Calgel also helps to assure a tangible strengthening and toughening of the plant top. Calgel can help to assure a increase in the yield of your harvests. Calgel contains the sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis. Calgel contains only the purest raw materials and has no best before date ensuring you will use it all the way, as long as storage instructions are adhered to. Use Calgel by giving it to your plants once a week with the feed water. If you use hydroponics, give 2x a week.

If used in combination with the fertilizer, reduce the EC of your fertilizer solution in the tank by 0.3mS, and increase it again by 0.3mS with CalGel from the first week of bloom.

Tip: Calgel can also be used as a foliar spray. Mix in lukewarm water, 1 ml per liter water.Store in a dark, frost-free place. In the event of eye contact rinse your eyes immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children.

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Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

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