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Buddhas Tree

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst 250ml

SKU: BTFlowerBurst250ml




  • Increases the onset of flowers by up to 4-5 days.
  • Highly concentrated and powerful solution
  • Great value for money
  • Improves root development in early flower
  • Ideal P:K ratio for early flower period
  • Creates seamless and efficient transition to flowering cycle
  • Added Boron to improve nutrient uptake

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been specifically designed to enhance and improve the rate at which a plant will transition from the vegetative stage into the flowering cycle. This means your plants will endure a much less stressful period during the hormonal change, leading to a much larger crop, with a much higher quality of end product. The effectiveness of Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is such that users have experienced their hydroponic crops transitioning into the flower cycle 4-5 days faster than they would have previously!

Buddhas Tree are a UK company, that boast a team of world-renowned chemists. Countless years of experience goes into each Buddhas Tree product, only becoming available to the market when a significant improvement in plant growth has been identified.  Flower Burst takes the concept of stimulating early flower production and executes it a way that is unparalleled by any other product currently on the hydroponic market.


Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is a powerful early flowering stimulant comprised mainly of potassium and phosphorous sourced from raw ingredients that are 100% food safe! The NPK ratio of the formulation has been formulated to the rate of 0:10:8, meaning a ration of almost 1:1 between potassium and phosphorous. This ration has long been established in the hydroponic market as an ideal basis for a nutritionally based flowering supplement.

Further to simply being extra Potassium and Phosphorous, Flower burst offer an array of benefits to plants, including enhanced Boron levels, which help to maintain and regulate the uptake of calcium. Calcium deficiencies are possibly the most common type of deficiency you will encounter. There are many reasons that may contribute to this deficiency, but Flower Burst offers one less reason to worry about this issue!


The concentration of the formulation of Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been designed specifically to encourage a faster onset of flowers during the early flowering cycle. The additional levels of P and K provided by flower burst provide the ideal levels of fertilisation on top of your base nutrients. Further to encouraging growth towards producing earlier flowers, growth in the root zone is enhanced during this period, particularly from the availability of phosphor that Flower Burst offers – an element vitally important and often underestimated for optimal root development.

When you begin your flowering cycle, typically you will change your light cycle from 18 hours of light, to 12 hours of light per day. For the grower, the change to the flowering cycle is overnight. However, for the plant, it is a much longer period until the flowering hormones come into full effect. Typically, during the first week or two of a flowering cycle the florigen (flowering) hormone levels gradually increase until the point where the vegetative growth seems to cease, and the flower sets have appeared. Flower Burst enhances the rate at which the plant makes this transition into the flowering cycle, by up to 4 or 5 days!

With an ideal NPK ratio for early flower, and an enhanced level of boron, Flower Burst helps to improve the calcium uptake which is vital to producing a strong plant that will be able to produce a high yield come the mid to late flower period. Calcium is one of the elements that makes up the walls of each cell in the plant. Without a strong and stable cell walls throughout your plant, you will not be able to produce strong and stable flowers!


Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is a highly concentrated early PK booster to be used for the transitional period between the vegetative and the flowering cycle. It is used during the last week of the vegetative cycle and for the first three weeks of the flowering cycle at a rate of 0.25ml per Litre of water. This application will increase the speed of transition to the flowering cycle and ensure a high production of flowers and help towards producing an extremely high-quality end product.

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is suitable for use in all hydroponic irrigation systems (flood and drain, high pressure drip etc) and also suitable for use on any type of substrate. It has been designed to be compatible with any brand of base nutrient you are currently using to further enhance the overall growth.


Never mix the nutrients together in their concentrated states. Always add them separately to your reservoir, until the desired total EC value is reached.

Always store in a cool dark place, and ensure it is shaken well before use.

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