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Cyco – Ryzofuel 1L




Ryzofuel - Potent Root Boosting Seaweed Product

Ryzofuel is Cyco's world-class root boosting product. It contains natural growth hormones, derived from kelp, which promote healthy roots while encouraging new root growth. Great roots make great plants that will make better use of any nutrients delivered to them via the grow media or grow system. If you want to produce huge yields, the ONLY way to do it is to make sure that your roots are as healthy as possible from the start.

Using an effective root product like Ryzofuel will give your plants the best start possible. You'll also help to ensure that root disease never becomes an issue – problems like pythium can ruin entire crops, turning healthy roots into brown sludge. Using Ryzofuel can save you a lot of headaches further down the line by creating a stronger root system from the start.

  • Encourages the growth of new roots
  • Protects against root diseases
  • Promotes overall plant health and vigor
  • Improves cutting success rates
  • Use at 0.5ml per litre through the vegetative growth stages
  • Can be used the right the way through, if required
  • Can be used at 2.0ml per litre as a tonic for sick plants
  • Works great as a foliar spray at 2.0ml per litre


1 x 1 litre bottle of Cyco Ryzofuel

Cyco Ryzofuel is a great addition to your feeding routine, but when used in conjunction with Cyco B1 Boost the impact on your garden will be massive.

How Cyco Ryzofuel Works

Ryzofuel boasts around 50 trace micro-nutrients and contains natural growth hormones which it maintains because of the cold enzymatic processing of the Tazmanian Bull Kelp that is the main ingredient. Cyco Ryzofuel is the purest, premium Kelp feed in the industry - accept no substitute.

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Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

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