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Eye Protect Grow Light Glasses

SKU: eyeprotecteyeglasses



After hours in the grow room, many growers report headaches and blurred vision. Using lenses that filter out the powerful but necessary grow lights clears your vision and reduces the stress on your eyes. This set comes with two specialised sets of lenses.

The blue lenses are ideal for HID lighting. High intensity discharge lights are a favourite of many cultivators, and this set eases the eyes and clears up the overly yellow vision one sees in a room filled with HID lighting. Meanwhile, the green lenses are for LED lighting.

This type of lighting becomes more popular by the day, although they produce a light that is harsh on the eyes, and difficult to work in.

The green lenses will make it easier to see in this environment, and reduce strain on your eyes. The lenses with these sunglasses can be easily switched out. This makes them perfect for the grower who has multiple greenhouses or grow room. They are also discrete and stylish, so you can have them on without announcing your profession.

· EYE PROTECTION- These grow room glasses will protect your eyes from harmful light and UV rays that can be damaging; They also help provide clarity to your field of vision, which can be important when tending to your plants.

· SPECIALISED LENSES- This set comes with blue lenses for working with High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, and also green lenses for working with LED's; Each set of lenses helps filter your view, making it easier to monitor and care for your plants regardless of the lighting.

· ELEGANT DESIGN- The hydroponics glasses come with a sleek black frame, and fit comfortably and easily over the nose; Changing the lenses is quick and easy, as they connect firmly just by sliding into place; Functionality and fashion-ability meet perfectly in this new set of grow room shades.

· WORK AND PLAY- Industrial quality glasses can be tough to find at an affordable price, yet that is exactly what these hydroponics glasses provide; They are unassuming enough to be worn when out and about, but the specialised lenses make them ideal for working in the unique lighting environments of your grow room.

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Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

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