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Growth Technology Root riot – Tray of 24




Root Riot is a high-performance product made to ensure exceptional propagation. The plugs are designed to deliver great rooting and the extra support required at the beginning of your plants' lives. The starter cubes are made for growing plants in hydroponic systems. The cubes are made of organic materials, which are bio-degradable and ensure strong rooting. They contain micronutrients to nourish the young plants and include beneficial fungi and bacteria to promote rich root growth. The products have an accurate air-to-water ratio capacity, allowing for vigurous development. Once the roots become visible, your plants are ready for potting. The cubes have a spongy texture, which retains the perfect ratio of air-to-water for healthy plant growth and increased yields.


General Information

  • The cubes are made for use during the propagation stage;
  • Root Riot has created nourishing propagation media to support your plants at the start of their lifecycle;
  • The media is suitable for starting seeds and propagating cuttings;
  • The cubes are inoculated with beneficial bacteria and top-quality micro-nutrients;
  • Root Riot's propagation media comprises 24 cubes of 32mm x 32mm x 38mm. The tray measures 31cm x 19cm.



  • The product is reliable and efficient;
  • The products are easy to use and to install;
  • The cubes are made of fully organic materials;
  • They're bio-degradable and promote strong growth;
  • The products contain essential micro-nutrients;
  • The cubes are designed at the strictest standards of quality and performance.


The Science

The cubes have a spongy-like texture, which delivers an excellent retention capacity of air and water. Your plants will enjoy a high-performance grow medium, which delivers the perfect air-to-water retention rate. The cubes are made for cuttings or clones and starter seeds. The products outperform other forms of media in terms of efficiently sustaining strong root growth and healthy plant development. The cubes include top-quality micro-nutrients, which nourish your crops, and biologically-active ingredients, which protect your plants and support rich root development. The media offers blended organic materials and it's suitable for growing in hydroponic systems and soil.


How to Use

The trays comprise 24 cubes, which measure 32mm x 32mm x 38mm. The tray's dimension is 31cm x 19cm. The refill bags contain 50 / 100 cubes and you can use them to repopulate the re-usable trays. The plugs offer an exceptional environment for starting seeds or cuttings. London Grow recommends you use the plugs with Clonex Mist or Gel for increased success rates. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines in terms of use and storage. Store the products in a dark and safe place, out of children's reach. Use protective gloves whenever you're handling the trays. Protect the products from harmful chemicals and dangerous liquids.

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