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Hydrotops – Solo Grow (Soil) 1 litre




Specifically Formulated for Rapid Growth and Development

Hydrotops Solo Grow is an organic, one-part formulation specifically made for use with soil or compost. Hydrotops Solo Grow pays special attention to the nutritional balance supplied during this important stage of plant development, ensuring your plants are able to assimilate the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins and acids to produce lush, green growth and solid branching structures. These structures are key to providing the foundation for large yielding flower sets later in the flowering cycle to come.

  • One-part formula, especially for soil or compost
  • Perfectly pH balanced for strong and lush green growth
  • Fully organic
  • Builds a solid foundation for your flowering period to come
  • Contains the correct, pH stable ionic profile for vigorous plant growth
  • Available in three sizes


1 x bottle of Hydrotops Solo Grow (Soil) for Hardwater (choose your size above)

How Hydrotops Solo Grow Works

During the vegetative phase, you’re building the foundations and structures required for supporting heavy, large yielding flower sets to come in late flower. Hydrotops Solo Grow is pH balanced and formulated to allow for maximum assimilation of nutrition required during the vegetative period. With this heightened ability to consume all available nutrition so quickly and effectively, Hydrotops Solo Grow helps your plants to produce strong branches, abundant foliage and an increase in flowering sites, setting the stage for a heavy yielding harvest of superior quality.

How to Use Hydrotops Solo Grow

Use Hydrotops Solo Grow at a rate of 2-5ml per litre from the first true week of the veg cycle week of growth. Begin with a light feeding of 2-3ml per litre, gradually increase to 4-5ml per litre maximum for the length of the veg cycle. In flower, add at a rate of 3ml per litre for the first week of flower, before dropping to 2ml per litre the week after. Decrease to 1ml per litre at the third week of flowering, before ending use.

Hydrofarmers Logo3

Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

01233 628 765

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