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IWS DWC System -12 pots -250L




Maintain Multiple Bubblers from the Same Tank with the IWS DWC

The IWS DWC System saves you time and effort, while delivering incredible growth rates. By connecting each bubbler to the IWS Brain and a Flexi Tank reservoir, you can manage multiple plants simultaneously, from the same place. Deep water culture systems deliver extremely high levels of oxygen via airstones, promoting vibrant health and vigour.

  • IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) - top British Hydroponics Systems Manufacturer
  • Delivers rapid growth rates by heavily oxygenating roots
  • Saves time – mix only one set of nutrient for multiple bubblers
  • Features high-quality 13mm IWS flexi pipe
  • Supplied with a Flexi Tank for portability and storage
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Your choice of either 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 pot systems
  • Intelligent 'Brain Pot' takes care of topping up each bubbler
  • Highly adaptable, thanks to its modular design


  • IWS Flexi Tank and Tank Assembly (6-Pot: 225 litre, 12-Pot & 18-Pot: 400 litre, 24-Pot & 36-Pot: 750 litre) - Please Note - this system currently comes with AutoPot Flexi Tanks, performance and quality will not be affected
  • IWS DWC Brain Pot
  • IWS 13mm Flexi Pipe
  • IWS Oxypot V3
  • IWS 13mm fittings

Recommended additional purchases:

  • Air pump and airstone kits are available separately. Find a kit to match your system here.
  • Adding Silver Bullet Roots to your tank will keep your nutrient solution sterile and disease-free.
  • Plant Magic's DWC nutrient has been formulated to get the very best out of deep water culture systems.
  • The Nutradip Growboss gives you constantly updated pH, EC and nutrient temperature info on an easy to read display - essential for a DWC system

How the IWS DWC System Works

Deep water culture (DWC) is a popular growing technique where roots are suspended in net pots over heavily oxygen infused nutrient solution in what is commonly referred to as 'bubbler'. Using deep water culture as a growing method has a long list of benefits. For a start, there's less medium to deal with, with only a small quantity of clay pebbles required to support initial root growth within the net pot. This means that waste is kept to an absolute minimum. Root systems thrive in heavily oxygenated water and produce amazing results with notable increases in yields.

However, when dealing with larger numbers of bubblers, nutrient solution changes, checks and general maintenance can become a bit of pain when each unit is attended to individually. IWS Bubbler Kits solve all of these problems in one fell swoop by connecting each bubbler to a reservoir tank. The float switch technology developed in their flood & drain kits has been put to use here to fill, empty and top up individual bubblers according to a programmed schedule. You no longer have to deal with separate containers; just make up nutrient solution for the reservoir and let the brain do the rest. Because nutrients can be drawn back to the reservoir for periods at different times of the day, solutions become properly mixed and are spread evenly across each bubbler in the system at all times.

This kit is supplied with the new Flexi Tank system, an innovation in water storage. The Flexi Tank has been tested to absolute destruction and has never faltered yet. The team behind IWS have invested in an extremely heavy research program; test after test has been performed and at no point has the Flexi Tank ever given way. They offer all of the functionality of a standard water butt, but can be packed away into a tiny space. They're easier to transport and can be stored in a fraction of the area that typical reservoirs can. IWS are heavily behind the Flexi Tank and we can see why.

Using the IWS DWC System:

The IWS DWC system is simple to put together and use. You will find the following items useful: A sharp knife or scissors for cutting the IWS pipe, a spanner for tightening nuts and a suitable container of hot (half-boiled) water to soften the end of piping to make it easier to fit onto elbow, tee and straight connectors.

The brain pot and the Oxypots need to be installed on the same surface. The surface also needs to be level otherwise the system will either under or over-fill the pots.

First, you will need to assemble the Flexi Tank. This is a very quick and easy process: unfold and open up the waterproof material outer, insert the supporting poles into the side sleeves and fit the feet to the undersides of each pole.

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Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

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