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Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret 250ML




Utilises a Super-Available Silicon and Amino Acid Complex to Promote Extreme Plant Toughness

Mr Danks’ Special Boost massively increases development in all areas by utilising a patented formula that was originally developed to help plants thrive in the extreme heat of the Oman desert. It’s formulated with a complex of amino acids and silanol, and it works by delivering a super-available form of silicon that makes your plants act like they’re on steroids!

  • Developed for use by commercial growers in Oman, after millions of dollars of research
  • Contains a patented complex of amino acids, that delivers a highly available form of silicon to plants
  • Won’t affect the pH of your nutrient solution!
  • Strengthens cell walls and acts as an all-round booster
  • Ideal for the summer - increases plants’ resistance to high temperatures, as well as pests and diseases 
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption rates
  • A naturally derived product
  • Suitable for use in any medium or grow system`
  • Improves nutrient uptake


1 x bottle of Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret. Choose your size above.

How Special Boost Works

Special Boost Secret is formulated using a secret blend of L-amino acids combined with a proprietary silanol. This combination works to provide plants with a highly available form of silicon, the well-known additive that’s responsible for strengthening up stems and branches while improving overall vigour. Special Boost Secret was developed to help plants cope with the extremely demanding conditions found in commercial hydro farms located in the deserts of Oman. Numerous companies pooled millions into the development of a product that could help plants to cope with extreme heat. The result was the formula behind Mr Danks' Special Boost Secret. Try it for yourself and you'll find out why it's so popular!

Special Boost Secret will help you to get the best out of your plants, regardless of the growth stage. You can start using it from the cutting / seedling stage and finish just before flushing.

How to Use Special Boost

This product delivers excellent results with all forms of grow media, whether it’s soil, coco, aeroponic or hydroponic, and it can be used with any grow system.

Always shake the bottle before use – this is very important! And never exceed the stated dose. Special Boost will not affect your pH levels, so it can be added before or after your other nutrients without issue.

Cuttings and seedlings: 1ml – 2ml per litre
Vegetative growth: 2ml – 3ml per litre
Late Veg / early flower: 3ml per litre
Flowering: 4ml

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Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

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