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New Millenium Winter frost 1L




Potent Ripener and Essential Oil Enhancer

Add a massive layer of frost to your plants while improving flavours and aromas and piling on extra weight! Winter Frost will even broaden the range of colours to make fruits more visually appealing. Used for a short period around two weeks before harvest, Winter Frost is one of the most potent ripeners out there, with users reporting large, noticeable differences to crops shortly after dosing.

  • Safely mimics a winter frost without causing damage, stimulating an intense reaction from the plant
  • A smash-hit among growers in the USA
  • Channels plants' energy into producing fruits and increasing essential oil production
  • Triggers a massive uptick in essential oil production
  • Enhances the colours of leaves, flowers and fruits (users report lots of purples)
  • Increases density, piling on extra weight
  • Unlocks the genetic potential of your plants delivering an optimal phenotype
  • Works great with New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% for even better results


1 x bottle of New Millennium Winter Frost. Choose your size above.

How New Millennium Winter Frost Works

The bulk of an indoor grower's work lies in replicating plants' natural environment. The closer you can get to the conditions that they evolved into, the more you'll unlock their genetic potential and the stronger they'll be. Winter Frost taps into a phenomenon in nature that has a massive impact on certain annual flowering plants as they approach their final stages. These plants reach maturity as outdoor temperatures start to drop. For this reason, a cold spell or frost can act like a warning sign to plants, signalling them to channel as much energy as possible into producing fruits. As a result, you can expect to see a massive boost in essential oil production, which in turn increases terpenes. This adds a layer of frost to your plants, intensifying flavours and aromas, while boosting final weight.

N:0.02 - P:2.2 - K: 2.3

Note that there are other ingredients in Winter Frost that give it its potency (over and above the macro nutrient content).

How to Use New Millennium Winter Frost

Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use and add Winter Frost at 2 - 3ml per litre of nutrient solution. You can use it alongside your other nutrients without a problem. The optimal time to dose is around two weeks before you intend to harvest, though the exact timings will depend on your growing medium (see below).

Soil and Coco

For plants that are getting watered daily, add in Winter Frost for five days, then flush with plain water for a further ten days.

If your plants only need watering every 2-3 days, add in Winter Frost for seven days and flush for seven days.


Simply add Winter Frost for two days before commencing your flush.

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