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Secret Jardin TLED 42w Red

SKU: Sec-Jar-TLED-42W-Red




Secret Jardin TLED - LED grow lights are a low wattage, low heat, highly efficient alternative to HPS and fluorescent lighting systems. These lights are truly versatile in use and placement due to the variety of hanging fittings supplied with each grow light.

The Blue TLED emits blue light at 6500K making it ideal for propagation, vegetative growth and mother plants.

The Red TLED emits red light at 2100K making it ideal for flowering whether as a stand-alone light for small plants or as additional lighting to existing HPS or LED grow lights.

Available in two size and colour output variations:

  • TLED 26watt Blue (Grow) 54cm x 4cm x 3cm - weight 360grams
  • TLED 26watt Red (Bloom) 54cm x 4cm x 3cm - weight 360grams
  • TLED 42watt Blue (Grow) 95cm x 4cm x 3cm - weight 580grams
  • TLED 42watt Red (Bloom) 95cm x 4cm x 3cm - weight 580grams

Powered by Neon LED technology, Secret Jardin LED's will last 30,000 hours and have minimal power consumption and heat generation. The 26watt Blue or Red versions generate an equivalent light output to a twin 55w fluorescent lighting system.

One of the innovative features of the Secret Jardin LED system is the inclusion of various hooks that allow the lamp to be attached vertically and horizontally to grow tent poles that have a diameter of 16 to 21mm, LED's can of course be also hung conventionally with chain, easy rolls, rope ratchets etc.

Hydrofarmers Logo3

Unit 7, KPC Business Centre
TN24 0BP Ashford, kent

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